Welcome to Learn Italian Daily!

This website will help you to learn Italian by yourself, practicing it every day – “daily”, indeed – at your own pace.

It can be divided into two main categories:

  • An Italian online course, structured into 12 lessons; in each lesson you will learn a new grammatical topic, and then practice what you’ve studied with the help of a variety of textual, visual and auditory inputs and exercices to make your learning more fun! For instance, we have presented in the course many songs, because we feel that learning Italian with the help of music is much more enjoyable; moreover, music and rhythm make it easier to learn some expressions by heart, which can sometimes be very useful
  • A blog with articles on Italian culture, tips on how to learn Italian more efficiently, and more!

The contents of this website are available both in English – the version you are reading now – and in Italian, if you feel confident enough to study the lessons directly in Italian. As you progress in your study, try to refer more and more to the Italian version of the course.

Learning Italian does not have to be a solitary enterprise: you can use our Facebook and Google Plus pages to meet fellow students and share your ideas.