Murano: an island made of glass

The main word you will learn in this article is: vetro.

learn a new Italian word, vetro

One of the many reasons why Venice and its surrounding area (the laguna) are famous is because of the wonderful glass objects that are realized there.

Since the 13th century the glassmakers had to live on an island called Murano because their work with fire was considered a danger for the Venetian Republic. Today most of these families are famous brands in the world because they are the only ones that know this ancient techniques.

Artisans use several types of glass technologies to create their masterpieces: crystalline glass, enameled glass, glass with threads of gold, multicolored glass and milk glass.

On the island there are also some glass museums such as the Museo Vetraio in which you can learn the history of glassmaking since Egyptian times.

The most important word you have learnt is:

Vetro: glass, a transparent and translucent material which can be used and modified, for examples, to create mirrors, windows and glasses and house objects. You can find this term in the Italian expressions “tenere qualcosa sotto una campana di vetro” (“to keep something under a glass bell” when you want to protect someone or something).


Alessandra Martinetto

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