Italian Grammar

Italian grammar lessons

In this page we have collected all the grammatical topics of the 12 lessons that compose our Italian online course. If you are looking for a particular grammatical point, this is the place to be! However, always remember that learning a language means much more than learning its grammar: use the link at the end of each grammar lesson to reach other pages with exercices and multimedial stimuli to enhance your study. You can also navigate directly to the other sections of this website by using the menu above. Above all, try to practice your Italian a little bit (even only 5 minutes) every day: learn Italian daily 😉

  1. First part:
    1. Auxiliary verbs essere and avere (to be and to have)
    2. Simple and articulated prepositions
    3. Present perfect tense
    4. Pronouns
    5. Comparative and superlative form
  2. Second part:
    1. Imperfect tense
    2. Conditional form
    3. Direct and indirect imperative form
    4. Relative pronouns
  3. Third part:
    1. Subjunctive form
    2. Conditional sentences
    3. Reflexive verbs

Italian grammar is not particularly difficult. However, you may sometimes get stuck on a particular grammar topic. In this case, after you have tried a few times to learn and understand the topic, don’t be afraid to move on to something else (possibly in the following lesson) even if you have not understood everything; the important thing is that you keep on trying something new, every day, otherwise you will just get bored and frustrated, and you will give up. Follow the links at the end of each session, watch a movie in Italian, read an article from our blog, but don’t get stuck: you can come back to that Italian grammar lesson after a week or two (or even more), and you will find that you now understand it easily.

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