Italian Online Course

This Italian online course is meant for those who can already speak a little bit of Italian (let’s say someone who has already studied Italian for a few weeks) and want to go further and become more fluent.
Italian online course

First Part

Lesson 1.1 Lesson 1.2
Grammar: auxiliary verbs essere and avere (to be and to have) Grammar: simple and articulated prepositions
Exercises Esercizi
Leggere e capire: Jovanotti Leggere e capire: Roberto Benigni
Canzone: Un raggio di sole Canzone: Vieni Via Con Me
Canzone: Eri piccola così Canzone: Mattinata Fiorentina
Lesson 1.3 Lesson 1.4
Grammar: present perfect tense Grammar: direct, indirect and combined pronouns
Esercizi Esercizi
Leggere e capire: Rino Gaetano Canzone sui pronomi
Canzone: Gianna Leggere e capire: gli spaghetti alla carbonara
Lesson 1.5
Grammar: comparative and superlative of adjectives
Leggere e capire: fare acquisti
Canzone: abbronzatissima

Second Part

Lesson 2.1 Lesson 2.2
Grammar: Imperfect tense Grammar: the conditional
Esercizi Esercizi
Imperfetto o passato prossimo? Canzone: Un nuovo amico
(see also links in lesson 1.3) Leggere e capire: dialogo in un’agenzia di viaggi
Lesson 2.3 Lesson 2.4
Grammar: imperative Grammar: relative pronouns
Esercizi Esercizi
iLa farmacia: testo sull’imperativo Canzone sui pronomi relativi
Il tiramisù: testo sull’imperativo Vignetta con pronomi relativi
Indicazioni stradali: uso dell’imperativo
Canzone sull’imperativo

Third Part

Lesson 3.1 Lesson 3.2
 Grammar: the subjunctive Grammar: conditional sentences
Esercizi sul congiuntivo Esercizi sul periodo ipotetico
Una canzone d’amore sul congiuntivo Canzone sul periodo ipotetico
Altra canzone
Testo “S’i fossi foco”
Video “S’i fossi foco”
Lesson 3.3
Grammar: reflexive verbs
Esercizi sui verbi riflessivi
La giornata di Sara
La vasca
I verbi riflessivi con Lupo Alberto


Come back often to this page: we are now translating the whole Italian online course in English, to make it easier to understand. Every week you will find that a new Italian lesson has been put online. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about our website (refer to our Google Plus and Facebook pages), especially if there is anythig unclear or if there is a new topic which you would like to study.

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