Learn Italian: Private Lessons via Skype

Italian lessons on Skype

Italian lessons on Skype are a great way to learn Italian!

We offer private lessons in slots of 30 minutes, tailored to your needs. Contact us using the form below to have more information, book a lesson or a whole course, and tell us which language skills in particular you would like to focus on.

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We will write you back after a short time in order to agree on a date and time for a private Italian lesson or a whole Italian course via Skype (or other similar online platforms if you prefer).

The lesson will be conducted by a qualified Italian teacher with many years of experience in teaching Italian.

Through Skype you will be able to improve your pronounciation, becoming more confident in your ability to speak Italian. Having a conversation with a mother-tongue speaker is the fastest way to learn a language; if that mother-tongue speaker is also a qualified teacher, the progress can be faster still – thanks also to the efforts of the student. It is also a very comfortable way for the students to learn, as you can save money and especially time compared to a standard course.

The Italian lesson via Skype can be personalized according to your needs: is there a topic in particular which you find it hard to understand? Is there a language skill you would like to work on? Are you planning a trip to Italy and you would like to practice a typical sitaution, such as buying something in a shop? In any case, we can help you improve your Italian.

It is also possible to organize a whole Italian course lasting for a few weeks, to offer you a more structured service and guide you step-by-step in the discovery of the Italian language and culture.

Contact us using the form below, and tell us what your level in Italian is; tell us also if you would like a long-term course or just one lesson on a specific topic.

During the course you will be assigend some homework, which you can do in your freetime. The teacher will give you some materials to work on, and then go through them together with you in the following Italian lesson on Skype.

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