Readings in Italian

readings in Italian

Ok we know, we are in the second decade of the twentyfirst century and reading is out of fashion, but reading texts in Italian is still one of the best ways to teach yourself the language. Don’t just go and read anything you find though, as you may incur in a difficult text and become frustrated. Within our Italian online course, each lesson has at least one guided reading. The texts included within the first lessons are quite easy, and gradually become more difficult as you progress in the course. Each text is commented upon to help you get the most out of it. Moreover, in each text we highlight the grammatical issues you have learned in the same lesson.

You have then two ways to enjoy the readings in this website:

  1. The first way is to go through all the Italian lessons, and study each lesson in order, starting with the grammar, the exercices, the texts of course, and more.
  2. The secondy way is to use the page you are reading now, where we have collected all the texts.

If you are new to the website, we suggest you choose the first method; if you are looking for some guided reading in Italian, and you particularly want to improve your reading skills, then read on!

  1. First part
    1. Jovanotti
    2. Luciano Ligabue
    3. Roberto Benigni
    4. Rino Gaetano
    5. How to cook “spaghetti alla carbonara”
    6. Going shopping
  2. Second part
    1. A dialogue in a travel agency
    2. The chemist’s
    3. A delicious Italian cake
    4. Asking for directions
  3. Third part
    1. An ancient Italian poem
    2. Sara’s daily routine


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